Soil Erosion 101

Erosion is when soil, rocks and sediment is worn away and carried over by wind or water. Erosion, over time, can cause beautiful landscapes such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park, or it can cause massive problems like the dust bowl. It is a natural process that can be sped up through human interference. Land clearing, farming, lumber mills can leave soil vulnerable to erosion. Erosion can also carry dangerous chemicals to bodies of water. Erosion creates a high demand for fertilizers which form algal blooms that kill marine life and deplete oxygen in the water. Algal Bloom also make fresh water undrinkable and unsafe for swimming/recreational use. The best way to increase erosion control is to build soil organic material, plant vegetation, use erosion control matting, practice no-till or minimal tillage, or use grazing practices that reduce erosion.

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