Is your favorite California beach polluted?

93% of California beaches have shown healthy water-quality between the month of April through October. The drought means that less pollutants reach the beaches but can lead to troubling patterns and pockets of pollution on the coast. Many beaches in the San Mateo County have had issues with negative marks on their “report cards.” Having low grades is usually a result of pollutants from various sources, including human and animal waste, have entered the water in larger amount then normal. This can lead to respiratory infections, the flu, ear infections, skins rashes, and more. No one is exactly sure what has led to the increase pollution in certain beaches, but government officials are investigating storm drains and leaky pipes for answers.

Tijuana river has had issues with raw sewage flows. The issue may lie with sewage infrastructure across the border which causes the beach to be closed more than half the year. The safest way to avoid dangerous ocean water is to wait 72 hours after it rains before swimming in the ocean.

The State has funded research and investments reaching over $100 million for Clean Beach Initiative grants. These initiatives start in rivers leading to the ocean and monitor the overall ocean.

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