EPA Signals Intent to Walk Back Clean Water Act

The rule for the Clean Water Act under the Trump administration has been changed by the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration EPA solicits feedback related to the plan including meeting requirement for certification, the review period, and other requirement regarding certification approval and actions. A surplus of cases are challenging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) over the repeated withdrawal and resubmission of water quality certification over hydroelectric dams. However, the FERC did not feel that their authority was never waived. Various cases from New York, North Carolina, the Ninth Circuit, Maine, and more have take issue with the FERC.

Biden-Harris Administration are also launching a campaign to restore and protect almost 30% of the United States land and water. The $150 million funding will go to creating more parks and outdoor opportunities, supporting tribal conservation/restoration priorities, projects on conservation of fish and wildlife habitats, increasing access to outdoor recreation, incentivizing voluntary conservation efforts for fisheries, ranchers, farmers and forest owners, and investing in jobs dedicated to restoration projects.

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