Team Meeting

Our Team:

At Deluge, our experts work for you.

We’re not just seasoned consultants, we’re your partners and advocates.

The team at Deluge Consulting has everything it takes – all the knowledge, background, and network connections necessary – to make sure that every project you assign us goes off without a hitch.



President - CPESC, QSD, QSP

Sarah is a Storm Water Compliance Specialist and president of Deluge Consulting. In her role as President, Sarah manages all day-to-day operations at Deluge. As a Storm Water Compliance Specialist, she oversees all aspects of NPDES compliance for the California NPDES permit for general construction activities.


Sarah is a Qualified SWPPP Developer and Practitioner for the State of California and holds a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control certification. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and is a Master of Science candidate in Petroleum Geology at California State University, Bakersfield.


Sarah has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in NPDES compliance and has worked on various types of projects including those in the renewable energy, residential, commercial, and petroleum sectors.

Sarah has a rich background in earth science and compliance, but she also has a rich history in American County Music, more specifically, The Bakersfield Sound.  She is also an exceptional upright bass player.  Musical talents run in the family!


Cesar Campos

Field Manager - CISEC, QSP

Cesar is the Field Manager and member of the management team at Deluge Consulting.  Cesar oversees a wide variety of services, from SWPPP Audits inspections, to assess compliance with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to full document management and monitoring. 


He has 8 years of experience in stormwater quality and environmental consulting.  Cesar has been a diligent and critical team member for Deluge throughout the years and has greatly contributed to the success and growth of our company.  Cesar enjoys working with Deluge consulting because of the complexity and variety of our projects. He takes pride in the fact that with each project our team successfully completes, we are adding to infrastructure that will be helping our communities for years to come.  


During his free time, Cesar enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, hiking, reading, and road trips.  He has been fortunate to watch the sunset in 48 of the 50 states in our beautiful country.  



Office Manager

Melissa is the Office Manager at Deluge and has worked with us for almost 3 years.  At Deluge we keep busy and we keep our customers happy, and this couldn’t be done without Melissa.  She’s been working since she was 15 years old and comes to us with 25 years of administrative experience. 


Melissa enjoys working at Deluge because she enjoys working with her co-workers.  With an amazing sense of humor, a compassionate demeanor,  and a fantastic work-ethic, she gives top-quality customer service and keeps our staff motivated.  


Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her sensational Son, her Mother, and their adorable terrier fur baby.  Her family keeps her busy, but she also enjoys painting.  She finds it very relaxing and rewarding to take a blank canvas and create something beautiful. 



Project Manager

Salena is the newest in our Deluge Consulting Family, but she comes with a “can-do” attitude. Salena is our Project Manager, she coordinates client communication and project execution. When she’s not in the office she is out visiting our client’s sites regularly to make sure they are compliant with SWPPP.  She has worked as a consultant in the construction industry since 2018 and graduated from California State University Bakersfield with a B.S. in Geology in 2017. 


She enjoys working at Deluge Consulting because of the wonderful people she works with and learns from. She also appreciates the opportunity to work outdoors and being a part of construction projects in her local community. 


In Salena’s free time she spends time with her family, including her two beautiful daughters, her boyfriend, and dogs.   She also has a talent for refurbishing antique furniture. 



Field Inspector

Will is the lead Field Inspector and maintains our internal safety program for Deluge Consulting.  He’s worked with us for over a year and has quickly built a strong relationship with all the clients. As the safety coordinator, he maintains our fleet of vehicles and created our Covid-19 response plan. He is also certified in first aid and CPR.  As our lead inspector, he visits sites daily looking for deficiencies and makes recommendations to improve our client's SWPPP.  His favorite thing about working with Deluge is working with our clients and staff to help them solve problems.  


Will has many certifications under his belt and is focused on his continuing education and certifications to better serve our clients.  He currently has his HAZWOPER certification, OSHA outreach training, H2S Awareness certification, and Job Hazard Analyst certification, just to name a few.   


Before coming to Deluge Will was an electrical apprentice and worked in the oil and gas industry for 11 years as a lead operator.  Outside of work Will enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He and his wife have 2 kids and 2 dogs that keep him busy.